Make Your Cheerleader’s Season Amazing

So you didn’t realize how much of a commitment cheerleading required of you. Even though you received a handbook and attended the Open Gym Night or Parent Night you just didn’t realize what the emphasis was about until you got into the season. Yes, you play a big role in your cheerleader’s season. Your cheerleader will likely mirror your commitment to their program.  So how can you ensure that your cheerleader has a positive experience? Here are 4 ways you can support your cheerleader that don’t cost anything.


  1. Be on time. If practice starts at 5:00 pm dropping your daughter off at 5:00 pm is not on time. By the time she walks in the building, puts her items in a cubby, or even puts on her sneakers she has missed 5 to 10 mins of practice. Make arrangements to have your athlete at practice 5 to 10 mins prior. This will give them time to situated themselves and greet their cheer family before practice starts.
  2. Make it to practices. Make arrangements to ensure that your cheerleader can make it to all practices. When your child misses practice to many times they begin to be seen as undependable. This typically will result in them being used in roles that aren’t as fun or exciting for them.  
  3. Pay your bills. Recently cheer gym owners have been accused of stealing from their program and families have been left unsure on why gyms will not be open in future seasons. In some cases this is happening because all gym families are not paying their bills. No coach or director wants to approach a cheerleader to tell them they have to sit out because the parent continues to drop the child off after numerous notifications that they have an outstanding bill. Help ensure that your program can do all that is planned by simply paying your bills.
  4. Communicate. It is much easier for a coach if they know what is going on. Whether you are going to be late, miss a practice or need additional time to make a payment let your coach or program director know. In most cases they will be understanding and supportive. Just like you and your cheerleader they are in it because they love the sport.


Are you an experienced cheer parent? What would be one must do you would share with new cheerleading parents? Feel free to specify base on cheerleading type (rec, high school, all star, school or collegiate).

Shanna Kelly
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