Working Through Mental Blocks: “The Parents Side”

Working Through Mental Blocks: “The Parents Side”

Video credit to Aniya Wilson on BGC.



It’s torture, that is for me anyway…to watch your child struggle. It’s been a whole year, she’s learned the posturing leading up to skill execution, but she just over. Or what about when she had it, but suddenly, it’s gone. She knows she can do it and you can tell she’s frustrated because she feels like she should be able to do it too. The only way she’ll throw the skill is if the coach slightly touches her back.




She’s got what is called a mental block.



How can you help her get past it? What can a parent do to help? BGC parents have asked in the Facebook group these same questions. I can relate! Been there, seems to happen for my child with each new skill. So, I watched as BGC responded. Here are the top responses:


  1. Have them watch others tumble, watch video tutorials online.
  2. Sometimes it’s about relaxing. Does she need a mental break from tumbling?
  3. Try private lessons with a different coach that uses a different approach.
  4. Build her confidence; i.e., Inspirational quotes and words of encouragement daily (the more the merrier). Maybe have her help teach lower skill levels, helping others is a confidence booster.
  5. Patience is the key, it will take some time.


One thing I learned while reading posts and replies from the BGC group, is that all athletes are not the same.



What works for one athlete may not work for another. If one suggestion does not work, try another. Like many, my daughter reached a mental block that lasted over a year. I tried advice from her coach and multiple suggestions from parents, including bribery. However, the best advice I found was not giving up.

Tanya Homles
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