Preparing Your Athlete for College

Preparing Your Athlete for College



,unfortunately, am no cheer professional, I’m a cheer mom who simply wants to help my athlete reach her goals. First on her list is heading off to college. For parents preparing to send a child into college cheer there are many questions. I dug in to try and find some of the most popular suggestions and things to consider.



Colleges are different, especially when it comes to cheer, and you want the squad to be a fit.


Look into cheer camps and clinics at schools of interest. Often times, universities hold camps or clinics for middle and high school students. Check to see if the clinic coaches are from schools of interest and sign her up! Not only does this allow her to learn more skills and showcase her talent but it allows her to meet and interact with other athletes and university coaches.


A major aspect of college cheer, that is unlike most other collegiate sports, is there is less university recruiting, which means we have to scout them. Attend performances and games but make sure to observe the squad interaction too. Pay attention to the coach and how they mesh with the squad. Watch some video footage, view the skill level and the style of routine and choreography.

After interactions and viewing the multitude, narrow down options and look at the logistics. Do they offer scholarships? Do they offer the academic program your athlete is interested in? How many new cheerleaders are they looking to place? When are try-outs? What are the requirements? Be sure to keep options open for your athlete. Try out for more than one squad when possible.

Tanya Homles
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