Cheer Tip Tuesday – Rituals

Cheer Tip Tuesday – Rituals



Does your team have rituals that they do before competitions? One of the goals is for the team to be a team.  Work together and be as one, through the good and bad times. Rituals can help bring the team closer.  While bringing them closer it also creates memories and can boost morale.  The best thing is that they are fun. Here are a few that your team can do.


Burn your fears — each cheerleader writes down their fears about the upcoming competition and then tosses it into a fire.


Let it go — each cheerleader writes their fears or wishes on a paper lantern or balloons and lets them go to float into the air.


Good Luck book — each cheerleader wishes the team good luck in a letter.  Each athlete will get a copy of the letter to create a good luck book.


Get pumped up — have a song, chant or dance to get the team revved up and ready to go.


Favorite food or candy — given out before each competition (my daughter’s favorite is Crush soda due to their team’s name being Crush).


These are just a few of rituals that teams can do.  What does your team do? Comment below.

Larissa Trapp

Larissa was born and raised in Colorado and now resides in South Carolina. She is a wife and a mother of 3 daughters. One of the daughters is an Allstar cheerleader for 6 years. She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is the author of Cheer Tips 101.

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