Cheer Tips 101: Don’t Get Caught Up In The Drama Between Parents

Cheer Tips 101: Don’t Get Caught Up In The Drama Between Parents

Unfortunately, at every gym, at one point or another, there is drama between the parents.

There are personalities that like the drama. Those are the ones that whisper and talk about parents, kids, and coaches alike. There are personalities that like to be around the drama. Those are the ones that listen to the talkers and don’t stop false information from spreading.




Word to the wise: don’t get caught up in the drama. Not only does it cause tension between the parents, but tension also leaks to the cheerleaders, and in the end, it affects the team as a whole.




Let’s look at how drama affects the cheerleaders and the team. A cheerleader tends to take their parents’ side on a matter. Cheerleaders will often repeat what they hear from their parents. Depending on what is said, that may put the cheerleader in an odd or uncomfortable position. Both outcomes will affect the team dynamics, which affects the practices and then the competitions themselves. In some cases, it will break up teams.

Let’s look at the fact that, as parents, we are our cheerleader’s role models. Most parents don’t want their kids to be involved in drama; therefore, we ourselves should not be involved in drama. Practice what you preach!

Tips to avoid the drama: walk away when it starts to happen, change the subject, stop it before it starts, or become a drop-and-go parent.

It is hard for a person that likes drama to create it without an audience. All these tips — except for the last one — are tips that are told to school-age kids.



Just remember:




drama makes things worse, not better!







Larissa Trapp

Larissa was born and raised in Colorado and now resides in South Carolina. She is a wife and a mother of 3 daughters. One of the daughters is an Allstar cheerleader for 6 years. She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is the author of Cheer Tips 101.

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