Ode To Mom

Cheer has been great for me, but harrowing also! I truly appreciate my mom, because without her, I would not be able to do what I love to do!


My mother is amazing, because she’s had to endured so much to make my wishes a reality! She literally picked up and left Pennsylvania, something she knew all of her life, just so I can come out here to Texas and join a cheer gym, that I’ve always wanted to cheer on. With this being my third year cheering, I’ve accomplished a lot. Prior to this, I was an eight year gymnast! My mom is just as dedicated, and relentless now, as she was then! What she does, as a single parent, is amazing! Sometimes working two jobs, just so that I can stay in a sport, that I feel sometimes rejects me! It isn’t always easy for her, but she tries her best to make sure I have what I need to succeed!


From the time I was young, I have always been isolated! In gymnastics, I was always four years younger than everyone else in my level, all the way up to level 10, when I left! Because of this, I was never included in anything with the girls, outside of the gym! Flash forward to now, nothing’s changed! Not because I’m the youngest, but because I’m my own person, and don’t fit their mold! She teaches me that, it’s ok, not to be a follower, and that just because you don’t fit what people want you to be, doesn’t mean you have to change! Being an individual is what makes you the person that you are!


I love the beautiful, determined person that I am! She won’t allow me to be bullied, because we have a system, and I won’t be disrespected, verbally, or physically, because she has prepared me on how to deal with it! My mom is constant, with praising, and pushing me to my fullest capabilities and I really appreciate her for that! I have issues every time I go to practice, but I deal with it, because I refuse to let anyone run me out! My mom prepared me for this all my life!





She said ,things aren’t always going to go my way, but it’s up to me to make it happen! When people don’t approve of you, for whatever reason, that’s not your issue, it’s theirs!





We, as young, black women, have to hold ourselves to high standards, and support one another, because I see that, we are all we got! From the time we come into this world, there’s a strong lady standing there, to make sure that we make it! The curveballs that life throws, can be discouraging, but mom will always be there to help you through. Cheer is our steppingstone to greater things, and the guidance of mom, will be a constant, because they only want the best for us!


So ladies, in closing, we get in our feelings, and want to rebel, because our moms don’t let us do certain things! Think about this, they guided us to who we are today, and we turned out great, so what makes you think that they’re wrong? We may not fully understand now, but we will later! Give your mom a hug, for me!✊🏾


Ari Crump, BGC Ambassador

Ari Crump, BGC Ambassador




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