Glitter is the NEW Bitter

Glitter is the NEW Bitter

Glitter, sparkles and rhinestones are EVERYWHERE in Allstar Cheerleading.
We just can’t get enough BLING!

Just like glitter can be the finishing touch on your uniform or bow, it can also be the finishing touch on your relationships and friendships!
In cheer you will find situations that make you angry. You may have a teammate who talks behind your back, a team that beats you at every competition or a coach that just doesn’t understand why you can’t land that tumble pass. These types of things can lead to bitterness and happens in our everyday life of cheer.The cheer world can be full of bitterness with the competitiveness within everyone. I fight my day to day bitterness with a sparkling attitude. I encourage my friends during practice. I work extra hard in my tumbling and stunting. And I share any helpful tips with my teammates. Don’t allow that medal or title to determine your fate. Instead of being mad or bitter, add some sparkle to your attitude and enjoy the memories. Make new friends from different gyms versus shaming someone on a stunt fall. The glitter in your attitude will shine much further than any medal or trophies.


So, don’t be mad all the time about not winning! Turn that frown upside down! And fight bitter with glitter! Unfortunately, people experience hurt and anger every day. But, it is how you react to that anger that will leave you bitter. Be compassionate and encouraging towards each other! And let your attitude Shine and Sparkle!!

~Jayde Brant

Sharita Richardson
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